Great Advice For Handling Non Compliant Teens

The teen years are among the must trying times for just about any parent. Because they wish to exert their independence, teens can often be nonconformist, full of rebellion and a general pain in the neck. The article that follows includes several useful ideas to … Read More

Coping With An Impossible Teenager

When we have a child, we forget they will one day be a teenager. We will learn that parenting a teenager should not only come with a manual, it should offer some sort of Nobel Prize at the end of it. Unfortunately, neither of those … Read More

How to Deal with Young Teenagers

Parenting children who are only in the beginning of their teen years can be very challenging. They are no longer babies (as they will take no hesitation in telling you), but they are not quite morally or intellectually teenagers, and so are subject to the … Read More

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