Growing Up Children

The Growing Up Children Program

A psychologist, Dr Darryl Cross reveals what every parent wants and needs to know – how to get your children to do what you want, and love you for doing it!



Growing Up Children

If you have a defiant, out of control child, chances are you’ve already tried everything to regain control, but nothing has worked. If you are at your wits end with your child, Growing Up Children parenting program will help you discover other ways of dealing with your strong willed child.

Growing Up Children is an online parenting program that addresses common defiance issues that parents have with their children. Growing Up Children online program is for working parents who are struggling with their child’s behavior and promises the same success as parents who attended the program in person. The program teaches parenting strategies that can be implemented to see results straight away. Parents who have attended Growing Up Children program have reported significant changes in their home environment within just a few weeks.

Growing Up Children parenting program comes as an eBook with over 150 techniques that have been tried and proven with defiant children. As well as the eBook you will receive online support in the form of:

  • Live recordings of the parenting program
  • Videos and power point presentations that are shown during the parenting program
  • Extra videos on issues such as ADHD
  • The Online Parent Support website
  • Access to bonus eBooks
  • A Parents’ Forum
  • Weekly newsletter
  • Access to the author via email, phone or chat room
  • This offer can be downloaded immediately once the secure online payment has been processed.

If your child displays the following behaviors:

  • Losing his temper often
  • Argues with adults
  • Doesn’t comply with requests
  • Blames others for his own mistakes and bad behavior
  • Is vindictive
  • Is easily annoyed by other people
  • then he may not respond to traditional parenting techniques.


Growing Up Children program promises that you will see a significant change in your child that will considerably reduce stress levels and increase the chances of your child succeeding in school and in life in general.


Parents who have attended Growing Up Children program have reported the significant change. Here is just one testimonial of many:

“Tara and I joined your website for our 16-year-old quite a few months back. Let me say this after having gone through many different programs for difficult teenagers, your program is very solid. We have told our current counselors and connections about it so that other parents may use your very good resources, too. Our son is to the point now where he no longer argues. ”  – T.M.


Growing Up Children program has proven success within its in-person classes, and the author of the course is confident that the online course will produce the same results. He offers a 100% money back guarantee.


There really aren’t any cons with this program. If it helps parents to restore a healthy relationship with their child and helps children reach their full potential, then that is a positive thing.


Growing Up Children is a great resource for parents struggling with a strong willed, defiant child, who may be at the end of their rope.


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